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Air Plants Are Wonderful

Air Plants Are Wonderful

Air crops are wonderful and our customers often say it best. Meghan of Santa Barbara, California is getting married in September and could not resist making air plants a part of one of the largest events of her life. She emailed me final week saying "I like my air vegetation so much. They're so bizarre and cool!" I agree Meghan.

With over 500 species in the New World, air vegetation have something for everyone. There are tiny little Ionantha Peanuts and large specimens of Xerographica with blooms shooting up four or 5 feet! There are modern and formal trying species such as Amethyst and totally distinctive trying plants corresponding to Caput Medusae. Both are favorites of Meghan's and will likely be part of her massive day.

Air crops are even more amazing as they are often displayed in infinite ways. Potted vegetation cannot be hung upside down attached to sculptures made of stone, ceramics, wood or plastic however air crops will be displayed in any fashion. Many individuals make lovely wreaths, plant sculptures and even jewelry out of them. They can be glued, wired or strapped to nearly anything. I have seen the cutest little air plant holder best vegetation attached to wine corks and displayed on fridges with magnets. Of course, like Meghan, many people create a real assertion with their crops on their wedding day. Xerographica has change into very fashionable as a part of brides' bouquets and as beautiful table centerpieces. Smaller air plants make fantastic boutonniers for the good-looking men in the marriage ceremony party.

Another superb attribute is their special manner of reproducing themselves. Their life cycle consists of progress, maturity, bloom and replica by the sudden look of "pups". It is hard not to squeal with delight whenever you find them one morning while watering your plants. Pups begin out as tiny little sprouts and shortly grow bigger and larger. At this level you need to make a choice. Air plants will develop 2 to eight pups. You possibly can let this growth continue unaltered and grow a large clump or ball. As the mother or father plant dies off you gently take away them from the grouping and let the new generation continue thriving and rising in size and beauty. Specimens can be grown to very massive sizes of dozens or even more interconnected air plants. Your different alternative is to separate the pups from their mother and father when they turn out to be teenagers. When the pups are 1/3 to half of the dimensions of the parent they are often gently removed and grown to maturity on their own. Based mostly on Meghan's massive collection of vegetation, she goes to have a very giant plant family soon if she can't convey herself to give her "babies" away on her wedding ceremony day.

We've saved essentially the most superb attribute of air vegetation for last. One argument for letting them develop into a larger grouping is their bloom stage. When a dozen or more crops rising in a clump all of a sudden bloom it's a tremendous explosion of coloration and flowers. Hundreds of leaves blush yellow, pink, red, purple or different colors relying on the species and beautiful and colorful flowers sprout from the middle of each plant to attract hummingbirds and other pollinators.

Fans of tillandsias sometimes go batty when their air plants start to bloom and we understand. The blooms are so spectacular virtually nobody can resist showing them off to their associates and family. Prior to now this sudden need to shout from the rooftops about your blooming crops may have put you liable to getting arrested for disturbing the peace. Fortunately there is a convenient and secure outlet available to most of you. Simply log on and submit pictures of your "babies" on your favourite social media outlet. They allow an unlimited number of pictures so post till the urge to shout subsides. We hope to see wedding photographs from Meghan after the honeymoon.